Corporate Profile:

Pharmed Shayan: A tradition of innovation:

Pharmed Shayan is a family owned pharmaceutical company located in I.R. of Iran, which has successfully contributed to the health of man for 8 years, nationwide and internationally. This structure has led to a specific corporate culture, where fairness and openness are essential objectives. Thus we want to serve our partners – patients, physicians and business partners – with commitment and heart, as human values and health outranks inconsiderate profit-maximising.

Research and development are the foundation pillars of our thinking and will affect our way of acting also in the future.

In 1996 the shareholders of the Pharmed Shayan corporation and its managing directors of the board formulated a new vision for the world wide corporation built around the central concept of value through innovation.

This sets out the objectives and framework for the future and serves as a guide for every one in the corporation. The vision was presented in February 1996 for the first time in a tray held in conjunction with the international managing conference of Pharmed Shayan.

Since then this vision has been passed on in a cascade throughout the world wide corporation with launch meeting for every individual company. More than 100 meetings in relation with this vision has been held around the world .
Thus it has been possible to find more innovative ways of achieving the targets set out in the vision statements.
In this way the Pharmed Shayan corporation has found out, that vision and leadership are going hand in hand.

This sets out the objectives as well as the frame work for the next future and serves as a guide for every one in the corporation.

Pharmed Shayan will further extend the cooperation with national and international universities to place innovative forms of treatment on the market and to continuously improve existing therapies. Our main activities thereby focus on the field of endotoxin, cell culture and endocrinology

Scientifically acting combined with human values will be also in the future the crucial factor for our collaboration with physicians, business partners and employees.

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