The pharmed shayan corporation is committed to become one of the most innovative research development and distributive group of companies in the world, providing products that enhance health and the quality of life.
Your Strategy:
Usually the companies choose the manufacturing contract because it offers a solution to the problem of getting a biopharmaceutical in market as efficiently as possible without any prohibitive financial risk. companies who work with Pharmed shayan are assured of competitive manufacturing process and timely markets supply. they find that we are not only innovative in the technical sense but also bring a creative attitude to our partnerships. we like to take an integrated team who understand and approach to our partners need.
The team approach:
All of our projects are run by inter company teams. These experts agree on the timelines objectives requiered to develop a manufacturing process with optimum efficiency safety and cost effectiveness. designated project of managers from each side coordinate the proces regularely meeting with team members and when not keeping in touch by telefone and video conference .typically a project group will contain senior scientists from fermentation and downstreaming fill and finish quality control and quality assurance.
Naturally every one assigned to a project team at Pharmed shayan has extensive experience of biopharmaceutical development, manufacturing and quality a matter of company policy our people follow an intensive GMP educative program. in addition where new skills and techniques are involved we provide project specific training.

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