Business Year 2001::

Pharmed Shayan maintained successfully its dynamic growth pathway in the last financial yeardespite the economic slow down in the most countries. At the same time we achieved our aim of improving proitability and thereby securing an increased mark in the value of the company.
The financial year of 2001 confirms the chosen strategy for our company this strategy is a balanced combination of change and continuity.the companie's success impressed our maxim value through innovation.

This fundamental trust finds visible expression in various ways. Last year Pharmed Shayan has done major investments in research and development its products , in developing and modernizing its production plans with Pyromed Co. Ltd..

The introduction of the new products in 2002 and in the years ahead will equip the company to maintain successfuly the course which has been already embarked upon.
As a result of our development which has been caracterized by change and stability Pharmed shayan can present itself as a company whose focus is on human pharmaceutical with prescribed medicin as its basic activities.

Last years achievment form an encouraging basis among which a way of success can be found toward the development of the company.