Vision Statement:

Corporate vision of Pharmed Shayan has been founded in 5 principal keys ; statements which has formed together a shared ambition and world wide commitment.

Change is our opportunity:
Without change there can be no progress

Value will be our competitive advantage:
In a competitive world we expect constantly our customers to demand more for less.

Innovation in every thing will be our challenge:
We will deliver only the out standing value to our customers if we are innovative in every thing we do.

Waste is our enemy:
We need having the lowest basic prices in the industry if we are interested to deliver our customers the out standing values.

Our distinctive caracter is our strenght:
We are international and compare ourselves with the world class standards. now we are a corporation with traditions in which people are valued as individuals.
what will strenght the world wide business of Pharmed Shayan is discovering this fact : Vision and Leadership are going hand in hand.